Ona Bookshop – Barcelona, Spain

Metal mesh for interior design

The Ona bookshop is a cultural facility with a contemporary and unique design in the center of Barcelona. In addition to comparing books in the Catalan language, you can attend meetings and talks. The 800m2 space was designed by Mediapro Exhibitions and with the technical direction of Clar Gestión de Obras. To delimit the different areas of the space, different interior solutions were used through the use of colors and dividing elements such as the metal mesh of Codina Architectural.

Through a play of colors, some surfaces were highlighted, while others remain neutral so that the visitor can position himself and enjoy what this complex offers him with a complex morphology. In addition, each tonality has been defined according to the character and the target of the room. For example, in the youth children’s area, warm tones have been chosen that awaken creativity, while those for adult audiences have been dyed with cooler tones that invite reflection and serenity.

In addition to this color proposal, there is the need to privatize some small areas, which are used for exhibitions, presentations or events. To achieve this, they have opted for fixed metal meshes resolved with the Mies R metal mesh by Codina Architectural in stainless steel. The Mies R, having a small spiral, becomes an optimal solution that reveals what is on the other side, while adding texture to the decoration and acting as a room divider in multifunctional interior spaces. The stainless steel finish chosen gives the place modernity, at the same time that it generates shine and that cold and serene tone that was sought for these rooms of the Ona Bookshop.

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Location: Barcelona, Spain
Application: interior design
Architectural mesh model: Mies R
Fixing technique: special
Photos: Meritxell Arjalaguer

Mesh model