Puskás Aréna Stadium – Budapest, Hungary

Architectural Meshes - Codina Architectural Puskas Arena Metal Mesh


Architectural Mesh for claddings

The façade of the Puskás Aréna stadium was covered with a stainless steel skin. It is a metal mesh with a total surface area of ​​19,500 m2 and which has been designed and manufactured by Codina Architectural. The model chosen was the Eiffel 20100 stainless steel wire mesh with a frosted (engraved) finish that was manufactured in six months. Its application consisted of 229 panels measuring 4 m wide, 29 m long and weighing almost 100 kg each. The chosen fixing system is the TF-60, which has been adapted to the sports project, and which consists of placing a rod inside the first and last spiral of the mesh, to anchor the mesh on the desired surface.

With the metall mesh of Codina Architectural it has been possible to configure an impressive and dynamic façade, since the metallic fabric manages to adapt to the architecture of the stadium, giving it volume and shape. In addition, it allows to obtain different degrees of transparency depending on the inclination of the light and the perspective of the observer, making the metallic mesh appear sometimes opaque or other semi-transparent. At the same time during the night he participates without interposing in the architectural lighting project that projects the stadium to the outside. Finally, this type of solution also contributes to acoustic attenuation, serves as a solar protection element to improve energy efficiency, and, finally, acts as a wind and rain filter.