The Green House – Jackson Avenue, New York

The image showcases the contemporary design features of The Green House – Jackson Avenue, New York. It features a building adorned with vibrant green terracotta accents and expansive windows, exuding a fresh and modern vibe. Prominently displayed on the second floor facade is a vertical wall of golden stainless steel mesh, while horizontal bands of the same material adorn the top floor, adding a touch of sophistication to the structure. This architectural mesh, known as Eiffel 40100, not only enhances the building's aesthetics but also provides functional benefits, offering transparency and visual appeal to the facade. Codina Architectural's innovative application of this mesh adds both beauty and practicality to the building's design, seamlessly blending with its surroundings. The integration of Eiffel 40100 mesh contributes to the overall ambiance of modern elegance and timeless style, making The Green House a standout landmark in Long Island City.


Eiffel 40100 Stainless Steel at The Green House

The Green House is a 12-story, mixed-use residential building at 10-25 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City (LIC), Queens. Developed by Charney Companies and designed by STUDIO V, the building holds an identifiable industrial design language reflective of the rich history of Long Island City. LIC was long renowned as the only site of terracotta production in the entirety of New York City, with the nearby New York Architectural Terra-Cotta Works building built in 1892. To commemorate this, the building’s facade is adorned with vibrant British racing green terracotta, fabricated in Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

This contemporary glazed terracotta façade contrasts with luminous architectural spiral mesh by Codina. The decorative wire mesh covers the exposed parking areas and elevator tower. The stainless steel mesh powder coated in gold splendor color is EIFFEL 40100 mesh. This mesh pattern allows for large, uninterrupted coverage of a façade while offering a degree of transparency and a touch of color.