UDIMA – Collado Villalba (Spain)

Architectural Mesh for claddings

The UDIMA private university is made up of four parts harmoniously intersected in a wooded environment with an middle space that serves as the entrance to the complex. The Madrid architect José Manuel Sanz designed this educational facility with open, flexible interior spaces, where the amount of natural light that floods in can be regulated whilst enjoying the surrounding views.

The façades are made of concrete and glass. Where there is glass, the curtain walls and the openings are sometimes covered with a metal mesh in the stainless steel TORRIJA R model. A made-to-measure technical fixing was designed for this project.

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Location: Madrid, Spain
Architectural Mesh Model: TORROJA R
Application: Facade
Fixing technique: Special
Architects: Jose Manuel Sanz, Juan Laguna
Photos: Wenzel

Project mesh model: