Metal enclosures

Codina Architectural metal meshes can be applied in the construction and installation of exterior metal cladding of buildings. Its most common use is to cover both a part of the façade and the entire façade to give an old or unattractive building a superior aesthetic and a more modern touch thanks to the various possibilities offered by each mesh model. Thus, the building acquires a new skin that gives it a unique singularity.

Mesh for metallic enclosures

Among the benefits of using metal mesh for enclosures are easy maintenance and installation, durability, resistance to fire and inclement weather, and aesthetics. In addition, they help to shield some of the glare light, reduce heat absorption and provide effective sun protection. Therefore, the different models, levels of opening and mobility of the metal mesh can largely determine the lighting and views of the interior spaces.

Metal enclosures with aesthetics and a good finish

Apart from the functional benefits that are achieved on the façade, there is the aesthetic that is achieved. This is usually modern and contemporary, and since there are various models of Codina Architectural metal meshes, as well as different colors and finishes available, the design possibilities are practically endless. For example, the meshes can generate dynamic 3D geometries and facilitate the incorporation of light projectors that allow the incorporation of architectural lighting proposals, and even mappings.

Metal enclosures for different applications

Metal meshes for enclosures have different types of use. They can be used in sports stadiums, metro and train stations, car parks, offices, museums and shops, among others.

Elegant finishes for metal enclosures

Finally, being a product that is manufactured to measure, it facilitates the fact that architects and builders can define the precise drawing of the solution that they need to install in their project. Also, since it can be painted and applied with different types of finishes, the design possibilities are almost endless. What’s more, even the type of shape and size of the spiral will also contribute to creating surprising or subtle effects in the environment where they are installed.

Metal mesh materials for enclosures

The architectural meshes for enclosures by Codina Architectural are manufactured in copper, aluminum or stainless steel. They admit multiple different finishes and shades so that it can be adapted to any type of project, facilitating the fact that architects and builders can define the precise drawing of the solution they need to install.

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