The biological house


People all over the world are becoming increasingly careful and respectful. The environment is a problem of the first order and a clear example of this is the creation of a biological house in Denmark.

By biological house we mean a home built from farming waste, like straw and grass. Instead of burning these leftovers for energy, they were converted into raw building materials.

Architects Een til Een have pushed the boundaries of construction to create this marvellous eco-friendly house, using what would otherwise be considered waste products and giving them a new, profitable life.

The studio upcycled grass, tomato stems, seaweed and straw into sustainable building materials. This is a house built with a new concept of modern dwelling: sustainable and modular with a specific focus on architecture. A project with minimal environmental impact, as all the materials came from raw materials.

The house can even be moved, if necessary, thanks to the steel screw pile foundations that were used instead of traditional concrete. This, along with the materials used, means it is recyclable and can be removed and rebuilt elsewhere.

The design involved new digital production technology for developing the building materials. The house’s sophisticated cladding was also chosen for its eco-friendly profile. The Kebony company modifies sustainably-sourced softwoods by heating the wood with a bio-based liquid, basically polymerising the wood’s cell wall. This innovative process, which was developed in Norway, converts softwood pieces into durable hardwood panels, perfect for building.

This project has stimulated a new, demanding market exhibiting great concern and respect for the environment. It is also a successful example of how to build reasonably priced healthy, eco-friendly homes in the future.

The project was developed with the support of the Danish Ministry of the Environment Fund for Ecological Construction. All the materials used in this inspiring project are commercially available and have been rigorously tested and approved.



Photos: Ovacen



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