Tiny houses


Recent years have brought about a change in architecture, particularly with regard to residential buildings and homes. One such change is the increasingly popular fashion for tiny houses, with architects responding to the rising demand to create this type of housing in which every centimetre of space counts and has a specific use.

Tiny houses can be dismantled, are transportable, light, customisable, eco-friendly and affordable for almost anyone. The emphasis is on quality rather than the number of square metres, rooms or pieces of furniture. Although many do not associate mini houses with quality, in actual fact, the elements used in tiny house construction are likely to be superior to those used in a normal house.

It is quite possible to live in a space that comes in under 40 m2, and to live well to boot, without a feeling of claustrophobia creeping in. At least, that is what all those who own or have owned a tiny house maintain. The price tag is one of the key positives, which, as the result of reduced plot size, maintenance requirements and expenses are obviously less than the costs associated with a normal-sized house. In fact, a more logical comparison in terms of price would be a new car rather than a house, since it costs more or less the same.

Prefabricated construction companies are increasingly including models with these characteristics as part of their range as a result of the growing interest and demand they have sparked. With wheels or without them, tiny houses represent an attractive option, not only because of their size but also based on the range of possibilities they offer, such as the potential for renting a plot instead of buying. They also represent a significant commitment to the environment and offer energy savings to the point that some are actually completely self-sufficient.

Light wood is one of the most commonly used structures for this type of housing, although they also made of reinforced concrete and steel.

Most of the tiny houses we see here in Spain are used as second homes which are transported to plots for weekends and holidays. Another popular use is to provide an extension of a space, office, warehouse, study, among others. The list of options opened up by this latest housing trend are endless and to date are a win-win for the environment and for you. Go ahead and get on board with the tiny house craze!

Photo: https://inarquia.es/mini-casas-prefabricadas-disenos-precios



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