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Codina Architectural

Metal meshes for architecture

Codina Architectural is the division of the company Codina that is specialised in design and architecture. The company was founded more than a century ago and is dedicated to the manufacture of metal meshes for a wide range of sectors.

From Codina Architectural, innovative, functional and aesthetic solutions are provided through the use of architectural metal meshes for projects involving architects, engineers, interior decorators, designers, set designers and specialists in ephemeral architecture so that they can have creative, functional and aesthetic solutions.

These are solutions made of stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper and installed using fixation systems perfectly calculated by our company.

Architectural metal mesh applications

Metal mesh can be used on facades, cladding, enclosures, curtains, ceilings, or interior divisions, and always in different materials and finishes. These products can be constituted as the complete envelope of a unique building, going through a sun protection element, up to being the filling of railings or porticos.

Our architectural meshes in copper, aluminum or stainless steel have been applied in very different types of projects. You can find our metal meshes in public and private buildings – intended for commercial or corporate use -, in train stations and airports, in sports facilities such as sports stadiums, or in unique hotels. You will also find our products in stores and interior commercial spaces to be used as a space divider or decorative element. Likewise, our meshes can be found in urban protection elements such as perimeter fences, in urban furniture or as an additional security element on terraces and balconies of residential buildings.

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metal meshes used in metal facades
Metal meshes for architecture - Architectural metal screen
La Maruca de la Castellana Restaurant
Architectural meshes applications

Types of architectural metal meshes

We design and manufacture different models of architectural meshes. Our main ranges are categorised into spirals, rhombus or woven metal meshes.

The architectural wire meshes that are designed are not electro-welded, but woven, where the wire threads are interwoven, one above and the other below, to form wire metal mesh.

Architectural meshes endow a building or project where they are installed with a great aesthetic design value. However, depending on their placement and use, they can also be a security feature or a protective measure from the sun.

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Metal meshes constructed with spirals allow for greater flexibility and are manufactured with round or flat wire. Depending on the mesh model, they can let in more or less light. They are the most popular option for forming building envelopes or enclosures or for uniting protection and safety systems.

Woven wire meshes

Woven wire meshes have a high interior design value and are tighter. They are often chosen for indoor projects, such as interior partitions or decorative elements. They can be used for both interior and exterior purposes.

Rhombus mesh

Finally, we have the wire mesh commonly known as rhombus or single twist mesh, of which we offer different designs. They are differentiated from one another by the type of wire: R (round), Q (squared) or F (flat) and among other applications is their use for the construction of urban features such as security fencing.

Techniques de fixationTF-80

Manufacture and assembly of architectural meshes

Our metal meshes are made of aluminium, stainless steel and copper. They can be given multiple finishes and different shades so that they can be adapted to any type of project. The finishes of the architectural mesh can be natural, blasted, satin, painted, anodised or lacquered, among others.

All of our architectural meshes models have fixation systems that allow the perfect installation and anchoring to the existing building structure. At Codina Architectural, we have a technical department that provides support to develop a suitable fixation system and to choose the optimal metal mesh for each type of project.

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Customised products for all types of projects

We offer tailor-made designs, of high quality and with a personalised service for our clients all over the world. When manufacturing according to the requested project, we do not have stock. Every metal mesh is designed acording to the features of the project.

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Architectural Mesh Eiffel - Roland Garros, París (France)

You can obtain information about our architectural mesh models, fixation systems and the projects in which we have been involved on our website. You will be able to download information and request the specific product sheets that you may need to document your project.

The price of the architectural meshes varies depending on the model and the quantity required according to the needs of the project.

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