New Project: Hanasaari Cultural Centre

At Codina we have always believed that it is good to take on new challenges, to stand out from the crowd and renew spaces or create new ones using innovative materials and previously-untried combinations. Quality has always been the priority consideration in our products.

This is why we want to show you a space. It is not a new space, but one that, thanks to our innovation, combining Codina copper grid systems and mesh, has now taken on a whole new look.

The space in question, comprising, among others, a hotel, a cultural centre and a convention centre, has been the object of a major refurbishment project over the past few months. Located close to Helsinki, Finland, the Hanasaari Cultural Centre refurbishment was an ambitious project from the outset due to the irregularity of the building. This was a factor which complicated both the design and the fitting of each and every one of the metal mesh panels, since it was essential to keep these aligned with the angles of the building’s facades.

The building was constructed in 1960, but, on 1 June 2017, the newly refurbished space was officially re-opened. Guests at the event included the King of Sweden, who wished to see for himself the great change that the centre has undergone.

Thanks to this refurbishment, the Hanasaari Cultural Centre project, designed by architects Kirsi Korhonen and Mika Penttinen, has become one of the first in the world, and the first in Finland, to be undertaken entirely in copper and spiral mesh. It is a cause for great pride and satisfaction for the whole Codina team.

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